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"Book em Dano... murder one!"

Turn any photo into a mug shot like you just got busted by Steve McGarrett.

It's fast, easy, and FREE!

And don't worry, the only time you will be doing here is FUN time...

Here you can upload pictures from your computer and convert them into funny fake booking photos from your favorite TV crime dramas like CSI, Miami Vice, NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues, Hawaii 5-0, Dragnet, and from movies like Beverly Hills Cop and Blues Brothers. You can even select to put your photo in some famous prison mug shot templates and South Park and Mayberry(vice squad!) templates too. You can also put your face(or someone elses) behind bars in a fake prison scene or on the cover of our fake prison inmate magazines "Fantasy Felon" and "Hard Time".

For best results, submit photos of head shots(from about the chest area up) with a white or gray wall behind just like at the police station. Also, booking photos turn out better a little blurry like they were taken with a cheap prison camera(a web cam shot looks great).

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gunna do... whatcha gunna do when they come for you! 

How to get started? First CLICK HERE or the REGISTER button at the top right of this page to register. It's fast and free!

Then just click the BROWSE button in the upper left box to pick out a photo from your computer, then wait a couple seconds while the FantasyFelon photo processor uploads your photo and redirects you to the page where you will pick out a mug shot, jail cell, or prison magazine cover foreground.

Then after you pick out the foreground, use the photo manipulating tools provided to enlarge(left click button and HOLD IT DOWN), shrink(left click button and HOLD IT DOWN), and center(left click your mouse on the photo to move it around) your picture behind the FantasyFelon foreground image, then click "save and continue"... and you will get a great looking FREE fake booking photo! 

After you're done, be sure to CLICK HERE to stop off at GOOJF.COM to make a FREE custom Get Out Of Jail Free Card... just in case!  


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